Oklahoma Fans Missing Lincoln Riley More Everyday

It’s been a sad start to the Brett Venables era at Oklahoma. Sitting at 3-2 with 2 straight losses and one of the worst ranked defenses in all of college football. It’s a start that has led to questions as to whether he was the right man for the job. I mean, this is a man that was run out of town before. Why would he be the correct person for the job now? 

And I think this is a great reaction by those with #OUDNA. You’re finally starting to hit what our college football therapist, Hawkguy Matt, would call the depression stage of denial. A pain so deep that has led you to start looking inwards at yourselves rather than blaming Alex Grinch or Lincoln Riley. 

But there’s still that feeling in most guts of Sooner Nation. That overwhelming feeling that Oklahoma fans still miss their ex, Lincoln Riley. And could you blame them? The hype and performance that Lincoln Riley has brought to USC through 5 games has been nothing short of inspiring. That mixed with Alex Grinch’s defense ranked 31st in scoring defense in the nation is a cocktail of tears and desperation for Sooner fans. 

The bad news for Sooner fans is they can’t do what other schools are doing across the college footbal landscape. Sadly, it’s been reported that Oklahoma’s financial picture is so fuzzy that they would not be able to pay a buyout of Venables contract. That means Brett Venables is stuck in Norman, Oklahoma for the foreseeable future.

The pain will only get worse for Oklahoma fans as they watch Lincoln Riley move the USC Trojans seamlessly to the Big Ten. As Riley continues to prove the product on the field, recruiting will skyrocket. Oklahoma fans will continue to miss what they once had as they move to be the new Vanderbilt of the SEC.

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