Former Top 10 Teams Need Consoling

It was one of those weeks. That time of the year when multiple previously undefeated teams in the top 10 drop games and hearts across the country are broken. Let’s see how the fans are doing.

#10 Penn State

Penn State fans are at the Message Board Geniuses sweet spot: Fire the coach. Admittedly, Penn State looked really bad yesterday. After taking a 17-16 lead, Michigan scored 25 unanswered points and turned a close watchable game into a rout. Outside if a home game against Ohio State, the rest of their schedule is manageable. You guys will be fine and if not, just blame the divisions.

#8 Oklahoma State

In the first chapter of today’s “we had a 14-point lead but still lost” there’s Oklahoma State. Fellow undefeated team TCU likely usurped Oklahoma State’s spot in the top 10 with the overtime win.

Here’s the thing, you probably get to avenge the loss, providing you win out. Additionally, you’re still better than the Sooners this year.

#7 USC

We conclude our two-part series on “we had a 14-point lead but lost” with USC. Trojan fans appear to be in the “the refs stole it from us” stage of CFB grief. Luckily, they move to the Big Ten in 2024 where the refereeing is known for being top notch.

#3 Alabama

Well, Alabama lost a game and their fanbase seems to be doing their best Nebraska fan impression.

Unlike their fanbase, I don’t think this affects anything. A one-loss Alabama will always be in the College Football Playoff. Heck, in an expanded playoff, a three loss Alabama is likely going to always be in.

A loss on the road to Tennessee probably seems worse than it is because of the rivalry and the now defunct 15-game winning streak. The thing that separates you guys from the other four teams is that Alabama will still be in the top 10 (probably top 6) while USC, Oklahoma State, and Penn State will almost certainly not be.

Until next week, keep posting on those message boards and I’ll keep trying to talk you off the ledge.

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  1. […] In Saban’s previous 15 seasons at Alabama, the Crimson Tide has only gone undefeated twice. So hiccups aren’t foreign but it’s wild to me that so many are questioning every method after something relatively normal happens. By the amount of blaming happening in the boards, it may help Bama fans to know they aren’t the only big losers from Saturday. […]

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