5 CFB fanbases that need therapy: Week 6

We are almost halfway through the 2022 college football season and some fans are just trying to get through the second half without more heartbreak. Let’s focus on the five fanbases that need the most help this week.


We’ve already addressed OU fans’ feelings on Lincoln Riley. Multiple times, in fact, so I won’t go there. This segment is to console, not trigger, you.

The thing is that you lost your top two QBs and one of your top receivers (to the USC stepping stone…I mean to the portal). An injury took your current starting QB out, and depth is an issue, even for a powerhouse like OU. You still have the Red River Shootout to prove that you’re not the worst incoming SEC team.


Losing to Illinois at home by four scores is a fireable offense, apparently. Yes prior to writing my weekly column, Wisconsin has fired Paul Chryst and named Leonhard as the interim head coach. While that will at least hold off any other suitors from snagging Leonhard and is being met with positivity overall (partially due to being the only B1G West team not tied for first place in the division), it would be irresponsible of me to not remind Wisconsin fans about what happened after Nebraska fired Bo Pelini.

Be careful what you wish for, Badger fans.


The ranked Huskies went down in their first road trip of the year. But UCLA might just be sneaky good. Sure, they were unranked coming into the week, but this game opened some eyes to that other team in LA. There is no shame in losing to a better team.

Trust me.


Wait, Georgia? Seriously? Didn’t you win the National Championship last year? Aren’t you still undefeated? Sit down and leave some space for the teams without a number next to their name!

People that go to college football games, but skip the tailgate

Who the heck would ever…oh.

With that, keep on posting on your message boards and I’ll keep trying to talk you down.

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