Oregon Ducks: We Told You So Sunday

We tried to tell you, Oregon fans. And it wasn’t just me. Nearly every single person outside the Duck realm told you to temper your expectations about a coaching staff that’s as green as Dan Lanning’s coaching staff is. 

And for that you land here. On this edition of We Told You So Sunday.

Your head coach flew under the wing of a great defensive mind. That’s not to say he won’t be a good head coach one day but he certainly isn’t right now. Dan Lanning looked like a deer in headlights every time the camera found him. His team certainly reflected their leader. 

Kenny Dillingham had never called a game before. Dilly Dilly looked silly silly. While there is certainly hope for this offense, Georgia played a conservative defense all game long. They allowed you to hit those tiny dinks and dumps and played the ball in front of them. You may see 21 first downs as a positive but those 21 first downs came on 4.7 yards per pass, good for 119th out of 128 college football teams.  

Tosh Lupoi was replaced from his duties at Alabama and then told to find a job elsewhere. He’s nothing more than a glorified bag man whose one duty has been replaced by NIL. While his defense looked confused, his calls were even worse. Even after Georgia took the gas off the pedal, they were still able to find 21 points in the 2nd half. What does Dan Lanning do here? 

We told you these things over and over again, yet here we are. 49-3 in one of the most uncompetitive games of the day. Time to temper expectations and accept reality. The Dan Lanning era could be an extremely productive one for Oregon but it sure isn’t today. 

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