Sorry Oregon, Washington is the King in the North

It’s been a tough go for the Dan Lanning era at Oregon so far. Big losses to Georgia. Tight games on The Palouse. The same can’t be said for their Pacific Northwest rival Washington Huskies under Kalen DeBoer. The Huskies have handled business in their early matchups. After 4 games, I’ve seen enough. It’s time to crown the Huskies as the King in the North. 

But in Seattle, the fans are happy. The stands are full. And the Huskies are undefeated, running an offense that’s been more efficient than anything they’ve seen in years. They’re playing fast, they’re having fun, and they’re the undisputed Kings in the North. 

It seems Oregon fans are even having buyers remorse, trying to will DeBoer to the Nebraska job so that they can have their title back. We’ll see what the rest of the season has in store for both teams but for now, the Washington Huskies are the King in the North.

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