An Apology Letter to the Oregon Ducks

Dear Ducks,

I, along with many, were bamboozled and tricked into thinking Michigan State was a good team because of the propaganda being force fed to us every day on social media of a certain coach. I should have known better than to trust a team that highlights their coach every three seconds rather than the players on their team. 

Huskies across the message baord universe can be seen criticizing their own coaching staff having been witnesses to the poor defensive play of Washington over the last two weeks. 

In this same time span we’ve seen an Oregon offense that has truly come together and looks to be dynamic. An offensive line that is dominant in pass rush. And a defense that, while shaky at times, looks to be improving each week. Perhaps a beat down by Georgia was just what the doctor ordered.

So, Oregon fans, I apologize for mistakenly crowning the Dawgs of the PNW. This is your coronation. The title of King in the North is yours.


Fight On Rusty

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