The Death of a Utes Fan

Okay, I have to admit I have no idea what that book/play is about. I’m into history but humor me please.

Week One always delivers, so let’s get to it. NC State and ECU, UNC and App State, Iowa and South Dakota State*, the undercard was exciting as all get-out.

*Lock it up Hawkeyes. I get Iowa isn’t the most exciting place to live but at least have a fun football team. I’m worried about y’all.

The marquee matchups were mostly close too. The exception? Oregon, whose fans today are wondering who pooped in their bed when they sleep alone. 

But Oregon fans aren’t the only ones suffering today. While the Ducks’ pantsing by highly-ranked Georgia on national TV was embarrassing, the Utes suffered a tough loss on the road to unranked Florida. But there was more to it for some. Being a top 10 ranked team playing an unranked opponent on the road means you should bring home the win, right? 

Let’s look at the evolution of Utah fans from the past 24 hours:

There was your typical week 1 pregame trash talk, but some placed bigger meaning on the matchup.

Pregame they felt great. They were even getting compliments from Gators fans, and compliments are always nice. 

Postgame had a bit of a different vibe though. A good number of folks had questions.

And just like after you realize playing tag on four-wheelers wasn’t a good idea, the realization of the situation sets in and soon after the pain.

You say “perspective,” I say “I’m tired of the
pain and can’t take it anymore.” Quitter.

This is a deep hurt my friends. I’d say time heals all wounds but they sound pretty resigned to their standing in college football. There’s nothing wrong with recognizing your limitations, but this is something you can get in College Football Therapy. Iowa fans might be in there a while though.

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