The Top 25 Message Board Posts from the Offseason:

25. Chopsticks are for show offs.

24. USC fans better be ready to eat more cheese!

23. The mob is infiltrating the SEC.

22. Georgia’s National Championship comes with an asterisk.

21. Notre Dame should hire Charlie Weis, again.

20. The low minimum wage only serves to benefit the SEC.

19. Florida needs to pay whatever it takes to get Urban back.

18. Jim McElwain posted on the Central Michigan board (for real).

17. The Mannings all had elite legs.

16. Hellen Keller was a fraud.

15. Air conditioning ruined Florida.

14. This Michigan fan had quite a dilemma.

13. Anyone have a good fried beaver recipe?

12. This Ohio State fan had waaaaay to much time on his or her hands.

11. This Pitt fan wanted to perform a citizen’s arrest on his Amazon driver.

10. John Ruiz is a genius!

9. Nick Saban destroyed Alabama’s football and basketball programs.

8. Notre Dame should have signed an apparel deal with Gucci or Louis Vuitton.

7. Just pretend, for a moment, that you are racist.

6. This Clemson fan made moves this offseason.

5. High gas prices will cause Texas to struggle.

4. Things got awkward on the Tennessee board.

3. Georgia fan provided a foolproof plan for getting out of a fall wedding.

2. This Virginia Tech fan is very supportive of his daughter.

1. It was Christmas Eve all over again for this Pitt fan.

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  2. These are so dang good

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