Worst Takes from Twitter of the Weekend

While we’re dedicated to bringing you some of the best content available on message boards, we can’t ignore the geniuses of Twitter who decide to make outrageous takes throughout Saturday’s games.

We aren’t going to rank these but rather provide them with comment. Without further a do…

Jimbo, Jimbo Jimbo. Of course you have good players. You paid for more 5-stars in the last recruiting cycle than any other team. NIL has treated Texas A&M well but the truth is the issue is Jimbo.

Luckily he posted this saying “right now” because later on, DTR would provide he’s about as worthy of being on a list as Big Game Boomer is worthy of making lists. Try again, bud.

This is as about as short-sighted as you could get. Oregon/USC in the Pac 12 Championship game would set up two teams ranked at least in the top 7. The ACC is far from a certainty, and we could see more surprises out of the SEC. We’ll acknowledge it’ll be tough for an Oregon team that was blown out by Georgia to make the top 4 but their win vs UCLA cracks open the door for USC.

Yes Spencer is the issue, but the bigger issue is his coach and the one calling plays. Brian Ferentz is killing all 85 scholarship players that want to win. This is a chicken before the egg argument.

You hate to see this type of coping after a huge loss. Sadly UCLA did the job to the best of their abilities. They just aren’t a very good football team, and that was exposed vs Oregon. Love the strong sentiment about how he feels about his team, but this isn’t it.

It’s one thing to make an accurate statement re: the player being hit out of bounds. It’s another thing to make wild accusations like Dabo has the refs in his back pocket. Refs are bush league everywhere. Stop crying about it.

Ever again? Really? Wisconsin has beat them several times in a row but if there’s any program that wins games they shouldn’t win it’s Purdue. It will happen again eventually.

This isn’t even football related but since it’s from the fine folks at PFF, you know there’s something wrong with it. Calling Culver’s the best regional fast food/burger chain is like calling PFF the best analytics based grading system for football. It’s wrong and everyone is laughing at you.

What is with this guy and saying things that make it seem like he knows absolutely nothing about ball? Ole Miss will, at the very least, beat Arkansas. He also later tweeted out that Texas A&M is similar to Mississippi State. Ole Miss has both Texas A&M and Mississippi State on their schedule. If he’s saying those teams are bad this tweet makes zero sense.

It appears our very own Hawkguy Matt needs therapy of his own. Iowa and offense go together like Cocomelon and Skyline Chili. Never and in the trash.

That’s all for this week!

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