Iowa’s Betting Problem

Hawkeye St gets ahead of the gambling scandal.

Here at Message Board Geniuses, there are two types of geniuses: the type you all know and love and the type that provides actual insight into a situation. Unfortunately, this article is about the latter

Look, I suffered through the 2022 season like most fellow Hawkeye fans. I assure you, our offense didn’t need additional help at being inept. I mean, that Iowa-Iowa State game looked like neither team really wanted to win the game.


Well, I guess that makes sense.

So what does this mean for Iowa football?

Uh no. It is unlikely that there is serious talk about a death penalty for the Iowa football program. Watching our 2022 offense is punishment enough. Still, it’s kind of weird that the hammer is only being dropped in Iowa.

It is incredibly unlikely that Iowa and Iowa State athletes, for whatever reason, are the only ones that have a taste for gambling.

Maybe just to Spencer?

Yes, I have my Message Board Geniuses moments too. Here’s the thing, if, on a team with only a couple of scholarship receivers, you have a one or two working against you, it can completely throw off your timing, your rhythm, and…okay fine, I’m attributing too much to this scandal.

But that is kind of the point. How much actual impact did this have on the last couple of years? Would it have been better than this?

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