Top 25 Message Board Posts from the Month of February

25. Even a monkey could coach at Alabama.

24. It’s the NCAA’s fault that Louisville sucks.

23. This LSU fan likes players with some dog in them.

22. Utah fan has genius conference realignment plan.

21. Texas fan thinks the SEC is working to get rid of Texas A&M

20. Georgia fans gave us a compilation of stories about pooping their pants.

19. Florida State fan is trying to protect his family from witches.

18. Nobody launders money like The Mob, The Cartel, and Georgia.

17. Colorado should make a deal with Saudies.

16. This Kentucky fan is/was broken.

15. Ohio State is the real National Champion.

14. Iowa State basketball has destroyed this man.

13. Super successful Georgia fan wants his fellow fans to read the room.

12. Osama bin laden > Bryan Harsin.

11. Utah fans don’t want to deal with all those Big 12 hillbillies.

10. UCLA fan has a great way for the players to get the blood flowing.

9. Marijuana is the reason for Deion’s success.

8. LeBron James is the biggest bust in NBA history.

7. Sam Hartman will lead Notre Dame to a National Championship.

6. Kansas needs to get away from these low IQ fans in the Big 12.

5. I don’t think this is right…..

4. Georgia would beat the Chiefs at Sanford Stadium.

3. This one is just real bad……

2. Clemson has just gained a significant recruiting advantage over Tennessee.

1. The Sopranos are coming to the SEC!

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