The Top 50 Message Board Posts of 2022

2022 was a great year on the message boards. It was hard to narrow them down, but here are the top 50 posts of the year:

50. If Ohio State cannot hire Bill Belichick, they should go after the great Dave Wannstedt.

49. Penn State fan gets an indecent proposal.

48. If Juwan Howard wouldn’t wear athleisure on the sidelines, he probably would behave himself.

47. Clemson fans see no problem with Dabo sitting on a recruit’s lap.

46. Stop showing the ugly Mississippi State fans

45. Missouri fan writes heart-felt letter to recruit.

44. Fast Chad will no longer be dating Gamecock women.

43. Nick Saban was worried about Jimbo.

42. Nebraska fan was very upset at the team after losing to Northwestern.

41. USC fan makes a plea to Colin Cowherd for help.

40. Auburn fan had a long, grueling day at work.

39. Maybe the Texas A&M band could help with the offensive line.

38. The Tuscaloosa Mafia is serious business.

37. Missouri fan has some tips for Coach Drinkwitz.

36. Nebraska fan gives some bad advice on how to talk to women.

35. Ohio State fan has a family emergency on his hands.

34. South Carolina had to cheat to beat Tennessee.

33. Notre Dame has given into moral corruption by using a clip from the movie The Hangover.

32. Texas A&M fan had/has high hopes for the Aggies.

31. Jaxson Dart was scared to go to Ole Miss.

30. Miami fan had high expectations for Kevin Steele’s defense.

29. Come on Coach Cal, think of the children!

28. The NCAA is just like your mother in law.

27. Texas could have cheated but they didn’t.

26. A military draft will likely destroy college football.

25. Ole Miss fan has some foreign policy advice.

24. Miami may have lost to Duke on the field, but they won the battle in the parking lot.

23. Nebraska fan made a strong case for hiring Urban Meyer.

22. Auburn should have reassigned Bryan Harsin to work in the cafeteria.

21. Florida State is concerned about journalist spies.

20. West Virginia fan deals with a neighborhood Karen.

19. Texas fan found a great place for recruiting nuggets.

18. Sometimes grown men poop their pants.

17. Jimbo had a very detailed 3 phase plan (that didn’t work).

16. Florida fan will do anything to land a recruit.

15. Texas A&M fan proposes hiring an actual magician as offensive coordinator.

14. Satan is attacking Dabo.

13. No way Nick Saban doesn’t wear a diaper on the sidelines. Right?

12. Oklahoma fan had the ultimate plan for revenge on Lincoln Riley.

11. Tennessee used an electrophysio-magnetic pulse to beat LSU.

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