#FireEverybody Ryan Day Needs to go

The Ohio State Buckeyes have slowly become what Michigan used to be. The only way to rectify the situation is to fire Ryan Day.

The margin between Ohio State and Michigan used to feel enormous. Michigan hadn’t defeated Ohio State since the Interim Coach year. They hadn’t defeated Ohio State in Columbus since the turn of the century. Ryan Day one upped even that. He lost at home to Michigan by three scores. That hadn’t been done since the mid-70s.

Is Ohio State’s coach judged solely for one game a year? Not exactly. One might think to themselves, “Hawkguy Matt, the guy is 45-5 at Ohio State. Why the hate?” Who were those 45 wins against? How many of them have you thinking that this is the same Ohio State team that Urban Meyer and even Jim Tressel coached? The 2020 CFP game against Clemson? Fine, I’ll give you that one.

Let’s look at those five losses. The first one is easily the most excusable. With probably Day’s best team, he lost a one score game with some objectively questionable calls in the College Football Playoff against Clemson. He got that revenge game in 2020 and answered.

The loss in 2020 though? A 52-24 loss to Alabama in one of the least watchable CFP National Championship games. That, for those of you at home, is a four-score loss on the biggest stage.

Things got worse in 2021. He lost to Oregon in a game where, despite the score, Ohio State never appeared to have a real shot at winning. The second loss was a de facto quarterfinal CFP game against Michigan. Again, a big loss on an even bigger stage for Day’s Buckeyes.

This year appeared to be different because they had Michigan at home. Still, the only result that takes their destiny out of their hands – a blowout loss at home to Michigan – is what the college football world got.

Lucky for them, everyone else lost and Alabama had two losses and no really good wins.

We enter the CFP with Ryan Day’s Ohio State team ordained to suffer a blowout loss because that’s what they do on the big stage against teams that are, for all intents and purposes, their equal.

I’ll stop there for a second, because I’m sure some of you readers are saying “well Hawkguy Matt, Iowa would die to be in that position”. Yeah, but we’re Iowa. You’re Ohio State. If your benchmark is Iowa as opposed to Alabama, you’ve already proven my point.

Here is the worst part about the Buckeyes under Ryan Day. They aren’t Iowa or any team that most Buckeye fans would say “meh” to. No, they are something far worse. Ohio State has become Michigan.

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