The Top 25 Message Board Posts from the Month of November

25. Tennessee fan had a great plan that almost worked.

24. Clemson fan wanted to forget all about the loss to Notre Dame.

23. Fire Jimbo for cause!

22. Georgia fan wanted to hang a giant sheet up in the stadium.

21. Missouri fan wants out of the SEC.

20. Quinn Ewers is a con artist.

19. Oregon keeps getting screwed over by the PAC 12.

18. Barbershop sources confirmed that Urban would be the next head coach at Nebraska.

17. Cincinnati fan wanted to hire Seach McVay.

16. Oklahoma should add weed to their nutrition program.

15. This East Carolina fan is entering the transfer portal.

14. Nick Saban is a slightly above average coach who cuts corners.

13. Kansas (6-6) deserves better than the Liberty Bowl.

12. Ole Miss fans wanted to pelt Lane Kiffin with mustard bottles.

11. This Texas A&M fan had a truly awful take about women.

10. Michigan State fan wanted the team to wear stickers honoring players suspended for fighting in the tunnel after the loss to Michigan.

9. Fire Ryan Day and bring back Urban!

8. Texas A&M fan wants to subsidize Jimbo’s $85 million buyout with surcharges on game tickets.

7. LSU fan thinks the Tigers lost to Texas A&M on purpose.

6. Alabama fan thinks it’s time for a change at head coach.

5. The referees were trying to help Auburn land Lane Kiffin.

4. Michigan State is at war with Michigan and this poster has a plan to destroy the Wolverines .

3. Fast Chad will no longer be dating any Gamecock women. Sorry ladies.

2. South Carolina cheated to beat Tennessee.

1. Texas fan gathered recruiting intel from some close friends.

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