Worst Twitter Takes – Championship Week

It’s been a tremendous, highly competitive season of college football, just as it’s been a tremendous, highly laughable season of college football Twitter takes. While some accounts may take being featured here personally, we do truly appreciate being able to laugh at you.

With all of that said, here we go:

I have the upmost respect for what Willie Fritz has done at Tulane, and I’ve been hypercritical of LSU all season, but this is just flat out wrong. Tulane lost to Southern Miss, the same Southern Miss that had the doors blown off of them by Miami. If greater you mean they have more letters in their name or better uniforms (those light blue ones are fire), then sure. As a college football team in 2022? No

I have faith that most Heisman Trophy voters aren’t looking at a single game to make their decisions but realize there are emotional people like RJ Young out there. The best player in college football deserves the award. Yes, he’s fair to question where the Heisman winner is it but to do it by suggesting a single game, where both QBs played their brains out, is the reason why they win or lose isn’t it.

This tweet was going so well until the end. Stetson Bennett finished the year 5th in QBR and 1st amongst all QBs in EPA/game. Maybe those 4 and 5 star QBs behind him aren’t good, maybe they are, but Stetson Bennett has proved through his play that he belongs.

Allow me to explain: Alabama lost two games on the road to teams that ended up losing to teams ranked lower than them, making Alabama’s two losses look even worse. If Alabama wanted in so bad maybe they shouldn’t have lost to LSU and Tennessee.

This is…bad. Why put a formula in for us to knock instead of making fun of the list itself? We all know the coaching staff, NIL opportunities, and academics are far superior at UCF than they are at Texas and USC. Right.

No, he couldn’t.

The woulda-coulda-shoulda statements are synonymous with coping. Washington also lost the next week to UCLA, so they literally wouldn’t be in the CFP. College football IS wild but so are the takes coming from Jordan Reffett on a weekly basis.

It’s a shame that UCF lost the game to go to the Cotton Bowl otherwise this tweet wouldn’t be here. Whatever bowl UCF lands it won’t be the one that Christian wants to be at.

Thank you all for a great season! Looking forward to collecting your terrible takes next year!

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