Top Message Board Meltdowns – Week 13

It’s been one hell of a season with nearly every coaching staff fired and replaced by Urban Meyer by message board posters across college football.

Message boards are known to be the glue that hold fan bases together, but they’re much more than that. They’re piece of art to appreciate, which is exactly what we do here. This is the Louvre of weekly meltdowns. Put on your Monday best because here…we…go:

In the battle of the corn, Nebraska took it to Iowa. According to HawkBall23, they really took it to them in an extremely graphic display of loving corn.

Luckily for rickheel and his basketball profile picture, he can focus on the sport that UNC does better than any other Carolina program. We’re actually unsure if this was for the football program or if he was calling for the basketball staff to be fired after losing to Alabama on Sunday.

As someone who believes that you can change the course of the game by a quick change of shirt or a shave of your facial hair, I take great offense to thinking Lane Kiffin doesn’t have his team in mind when he makes halftime changes to his clothes. It’s a halftime adjustment in the most literal sense. This IS coaching.

I’m going to be honest, I have no idea what this means other than Shane Beamer’s game plan was to hot box a room with farts all week. Clearly it worked out if that is the case after they beat Clemson in dramatic fashion.

Another week, another meltdown by the fans of the Oklahoma Sooners. This time they drag Scott Frost into it, which is just wrong. For one, Scott Frost would never because they weren’t ever bowl eligible. It also took much longer for Nebraska fans to realize that their head coach was a bad choice while Oklahoma figured it out in year one.

I think we know where kingkyle1008 was on January 6th based off of a single message board post.

First of all, RoseBowlChamps, Vince Young’s knee was down. Secondly, I would pay good money to see Bijan Robinson square up to Sark, so that’s a fantastic idea. Sark wasted Bijan’s career at Texas and that is a punchable offense.

This meltdown is so simple and pure, one must ask themselves if GatorPhan decided to start drinking immediately after he turned it off. Does anyone actually turn off the game that they blocked off their night to watch? Anyone?

On the other side of things, UM2LosAngeles was ready to get drunk 29 minutes into the Ohio State/Michigan kickoff. Hopefully he didn’t get too drunk and actually watched his Wolverines pull it off.

Listen, most of us peaked early too. We’ve all been playing our C game for a while. Has it worked all of the time? No, no it hasn’t. But you figure out what works and what doesn’t and you ride that out to pull off a couple of great Ws.

As is life in the SEC. Alabama is always getting the good calls by the refs, according to opposing teams. They obviously want to find a way to get Nick Saban into the playoffs. He deserves it.

The sarcastic meltdown is one of the more underrated meltdowns. There’s a beauty and simplicity to it. Sadly this was one of those cry, sad, sarcastic meltdowns that isn’t funny after 13 weeks of bad football down in Miami.

If there’s one thing a coach that’s leaving for a head coaching opportunity wants to do to his former team, it’s to throw a game vs their interstate rival. Meanwhile Oregon State was moving the ball at will with a QB who shouldn’t be on a Power 5 roster and an Oregon head coach that’s a defensive guru. But, yeah, blame the offensive coordinator.

There it is again. The SEC bias against all teams except Alabama. This makes a ton of sense because LSU was sitting pretty at #5 in the CFP rankings and a win in the SEC championship could have given the SEC more schools in the CFP. The refs definitely had a plan in place against LSU from the SEC.

This post went through a few stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, and ultimately left tdubs313 delusional and probably a bit depressed. That’s okay though! You can get through Luke Fickell leaving Cincinnati with a nice warm bowl of Skyline Chili!

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