Worst Twitter Takes – Week 13

I love to see the pure confidence that goes into each take. They’re bold, brave, and have a 50% chance of being right…or somewhat right.

Sadly, there are those that are wrong and bad. Here they are!

The issue with trying to be first to something is you either get drowned out by legitimate reporters or you’re wrong. Blain was clearly on the message boards listening to FatTom22 rather than reporting on facts and truth. Isn’t that what the network he’s on swears by? Facts and truth? Hm…

Again, trying to be first to something makes you look dumb when you’re wrong. Jon tried to make a name for himself and swung and missed so hard that the only time local news stations will think of him is for this moment. And then they’ll pass on giving him that next job. Sorry your big moment didn’t work for you Jon.

Hugh Freeze makes Nick Saban nervous? No, Nick Saban isn’t losing any sleep over a walking compliance issue of a head coach. Assault cases aside, while at Ole Miss Hugh Freeze had one 10-win season paying players under the table. Unfortunately for him, everyone can do it now. It’s makes “Bag Man” coaches ineffective. Nick Saban doesn’t give a damn about Hugh Freeze.

Well, we bookmarked it. USC is going to a Pac 12 Championship game at 11-1 and will likely be ranked 4th in the College Football Playoff rankings. Oklahoma just went 6-6 after another embarrassing loss, this time to Texas Tech. Lincoln to USC may eventually go down as what the “Grass News” is saying, but it certainly isn’t playing out that way today.

Anthony Richardson had a 33% completion percentage and somehow Booger, who has been relegated from Monday Night Football commentator to midweek college football analyst, thinks that’s worthy of him being a top 5 quarterback. What’s scary about the NFL is this may actually turn out to be true, but it won’t be based off what we all watched him do vs Florida State.

As of this writing, Hawkeyes Chronicles account is still active after Nebraska put up 24 points against Iowa on Friday night. In fact, rumor has it if you tweet this at them they’ll even block you. Why make a Rhule you can’t follow?

I love the $8 paid for checkmarks because it makes it look like InWaddleWeTrust is a legit person. Sadly the history of an interim coach playing Nick Saban does not end kindly to the interim head coach. Speaking of interim head coaches…

This delusion happens every year because interim head coaches are “rah-rah”, well liked guys that the team rallies around. Dabo was a 15-year coaching veteran prior to being named interim head coach, being bumped from associate head coach at the time. Cadillac has 3 year of college coaching experience as a RB coach. These things are not remotely the same.

Saturday was not that day, sadly. Drew Pyne did play a great game, no doubt about that, but he wasn’t the one that shined the brightest. Notre Dame’s defense and Lincoln Riley’s playcalling allowed for the talent and skill of Caleb Williams to be on full display and provided several Heisman moments. As is commonly said in Notre Dame circles: “Maybe next year”.

For background, Jon Wilner is mad at USC and UCLA for leaving the Pac 12 because his coverage will greatly suffer being a writer for the Bay Area schools. He’s often the preacher boy for the Pac 12 commissioner when it comes to breaking news. This lack of integrity is so on point for Jon, and unfortunately he was incredibly wrong. Notre Dame went for 90 yards rushing, averaging 3.5 yards a rush. Lots of assumptions, indeed.

Usually I think rivalry hype videos are awesome, but this is a blatant exploitation of this good boy. Fortunately his Huskies won 51-33 and provided tons of bark and bite.

I hope Graham at least enjoyed his Thanksgiving meal and was thankful for other things because this Tweet did not spark the joy he was looking for.

It’s nice of you to die on that hill but you didn’t make it to the top because you’re being trampled by others telling you how bad of a take this is. A healthy Bo Nix could have helped, but the reason Oregon failed so miserably is because their defense is so historically bad despite playmakers at multiple positions and a defensive-minded head coach. That defense gave up 21 straight points in 13 minutes to an Oregon State offense that is one dimensional.

That’s all for this week — I look forward to collecting more bad takes as we head into the conference championship games.

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