2022 Iron Bowl Preview: What About BOB?

I’m struggling to get motivated about this Iron Bowl and I truly hate Auburn. I had kids in junior high call me “white trash” for simply for being a Bama fan, and I went to private school. And that’s the real rub here: Auburn fans lean on things like school pride and school traditions because realistically they can’t compete with Alabama in terms of a historically-relevant football program.

There is legitimate hate between the schools. On one hand, you have the things like “cow college” while the other acts like none of the other thousands of colleges across the nation don’t also have traditions. You have Harvey Updyke and industrial-grade herbicide versus, uh, a 30-year old rumor? (Taking this opportunity to say we need to strengthen our state’s mental health system. If we’re going to allow Finebaum’s simple show to be broadcast here, we need to start spiking the water supply with Xanax and Lexapro.) It’s actual football traditions versus a story about a guy seeing a bird do bird things. I don’t think there’s much juice to this year’s version though. Coach Caddy is an awesome storyline but it doesn’t hit the same with Bama being out of the playoff race.

Let this sink in: Bill O’Brien is so he bad he screwed up the Iron Bowl for everyone.

Auburn fans are concerned about the coaching search:

As far as the game goes:

This one I’ll leave up for you to decide which it relates to:

As far as Bama fans go for today, the mood is simple:

But don’t let Bama being relegated to just a regular bowl game and Bill O’Brien almost wasting Bryce Young’s college career distract you from the fact that Bama basketball has started and should be really good this year.

Bill’s penchant for jazz cabbage probably leads him to appreciating what Muscle Shoals did for music. Educate yourself about Fame Recording Studios if you don’t know.

So that’s where things stand today. Auburn fans are looking forward to hiring a permanent coach while Bama fans want one fired. Whatever. It’s Nate versus Bruce. Are we a basketball state now?

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