Best Message Board Meltdowns – Week 12

You melted down, we documented it. Now we give you the best (worst?) message board meltdowns from the past week of college football.


It’s no surprise why there are rumors swirling of Lane Kiffin leaving Ole Miss with this kind of rhetoric. But why are these Ole Miss fans so mad at the SEC commissioner? What could be eating at them so much that they would dare storm the Sankey clubhouse?

Because of a grand conspiracy theory against them that the refs were out to get them. But this poster doesn’t want to say that. Instead he just creates a post to give others an outlet to say it IS a conspiracy. That kind of next level thinking is why we love message boards.

Dumpsters across America are on edge as OSUFlash has compared them to Ryan Day. The same Ryan Day that has Ohio State 11-0 and a #2 SP+ ranking. We’re starting to realize Ohio State fans don’t know how lucky they have it.

Ohio State fans should look to Florida for how lucky they are. But what Florida fans lack in a winning football program, they make up with creativity and Photoshop skills.

I feel for this man. Not only did family stuff get in the way of him watching his beloved Spartans lose to an Indiana team that lost 7 straight, he had to stay up late in order to do it. Lest we forget this man’s team lost to mice-sized football players. Pathetic showing by the Spartans.

The good news: Oklahoma won Bedlam against the inner state rival. The bad news: Oklahoma’s endemic offense gave this poster blue balls. We will keep TagIt77 in our hopes and prayers over the coming (heh) days.

After a historic win against Alabama, the Tennessee program is officially dead as it was ran off the field by Shane Beamer’s Gamecocks. It’s become so bad that they’ve dubbed themselves the Ole Miss of the SEC East, which is either a compliment to the conspiracy-driven Ole Miss fans or a diss to themselves. We’re unsure, but hopeful the Tennessee program will provide their own conspiracy theories soon enough.

There are only a few reasonable ways to fire your coaching staff. The most obvious is to tarmac. Another is to have a meeting in an office and let them go. Andylicious brings us to another level of firing that we’ve never seen before: Firing and making them hitchhike home. I guess Uber doesn’t exist in Oklahoma.

If there are any trees that were driven into on Saturday, we know who the driver was. TheSwampster clearly was not happy with the Gators loss to SEC juggernaut and owner of a two-game SEC win streak Vanderbilt.

If there’s two things we know about Alabama it’s that they struggle with hiring elite coaches and recruiting 4 and 5 star players. We feel for this Alabama fan. He’s been deprived of good football for this first time in at least 13 years. We hope he can get past these dark hours with Alabama holding the #1 recruiting class per 247Sports.

I take offense to this as a Cheesecake Factory fan boy. If Jimbo was really holding a Cheesecake Factory menu, there would be fantastic options for days. Instead he’s calling the same awful plays he’s called all year long. At Cheesecake Factory I know that I can get a mix of food that is so confusing it makes all the sense in the world. At Texas A&M I get wasted talent.

This just in: Ole Miss and Florida fans are colluding to storm Greg Sankey’s home because the refs are against them. The exact interest that SEC refs have in helping Vanderbilt beat Florida is unclear at this time but it’s obvious there is a conspiracy going on.

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