Worst Twitter Takes – Week 12

We’re baaaaaaack. Below are the worst takes on Twitter for week 12 of college football

When your shtick is ranking bathrooms, people laugh when you have an opinion about colleges football. When your opinion about college football is consistently wrong, people begin to doubt your intelligence. Fortunately this was 50% right. 50% is good…right? Right?

This would be a horrific decision by Auburn. Does Cadillac Williams have a bright future ahead of him as a coach? Sure. But to hire someone that has never play called in his life as the head ball coach of a program like Auburn would be as big of an emotional decision as USC hiring Clay Helton. 0/10, would not recommend.

Is throwing for 170 yards and 3 interceptions in the biggest game of your career against one of the worst pass defenses in the country “gas”? Seems like it was all brakes. Sadly, Utah is irrelevant again and off to the Las Vegas or Holiday Bowl. We wish Cam Rising luck as he gets his all brakes, no gas car fixed!

Oh, Abbie. Recruits don’t care about Oklahoma beating an Oklahoma State team that was blanked 48-0 by Kansas State and lost to Kansas 37-16. Oklahoma is in 7th place in the Big 12 in what people are calling the least talented conference in college football. You lost 49-0 to Texas. What do you think recruits think?

Clemson came in at 9th in last week’s college football playoff rankings. Their hopes died when North Carolina lost to Georgia Tech, removing a scenario that they will play a highly ranked team to end their season. Their hopes died harder when USC beat UCLA. It would take some real mental gymnastics by the committee to justify Clemson to be in the top 4.

Technically this tweet is correct. Florida is not Kentucky. +1 for Cameron’s geography teacher. Unfortunately you suffered the same fate as Kentucky with an embarrassing loss to Vanderbilt who has their first SEC winning streak since 2018.

Oh, Erik. Georgia didn’t lose to South Carolina. That was Tennessee. Technically you’re not better than a whole host of teams after last night’s embarrassing performance. Maybe there’s a better tweet for you out there…

Oh honey, no. What is you doing? You were already bored for a game where Shane Beamer’s Gamecocks dropped a 60-piece on you? South Carolina hasn’t scored more than 60 points in a game since 2013 when they played a still-FCS Coastal Carolina.

I’ll stick with calling you a moron, but thank you for the suggestions. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that proved these Miami Hurricanes are capable of beating an above-average football team, let alone a top 10 team like Clemson. As far as asking people to call you daddy…please do less.

The bad takes just keep on coming for Tennessee. This is why I have a rule to not tweet you until your team plays their game. You never know what’s going to transpire. You certainly don’t know whether your team is going to give up 60 points to a Shane Beamer offense that has been anemic all year long. It won’t be an unforced error to leave UT out…they’re out.

All we watched from this point forward was big play after big play from Caleb Williams. I won’t say this tweet caused him to cement his place in the Heisman conversation but rumors have it he was shown this tweet and soon after went off for 500 yards of offense.

Congrats on your flag football win, UCLA! At least you can hold your head high and know that you beat a bunch of non-athletes using your non-athletes. Sadly, your actual football team is now 8-3 and took a huge L last night. Can’t spell UCLA without the L.

And put in who, exactly? The point of the playoffs is to have the top 4 teams, even if the most elite team (Georgia, at this point) is far better than the other 3. The SEC has proven it lacks in elite football with Tennessee losing to an inferior team in South Carolina, and Vanderbilt winning two games this year. The B1G’s top two teams are more than worthy of being in the conversation.

Don’t make bets your backside can’t handle. We await the video, Seth.

Tennessee couldn’t beat South Carolina by 50, why would they beat TCU by 50? TCU has proven over and over again that they are a quality football team. Tennessee lost to South Carolina. Perhaps they’ll get to go to the Duke’s Mayo Bowl and get a mayo bath for Josh Huepel. Time will tell.

Oh, shut up. Taylor Swift is a generational talent and this kind of take belongs never and in the trash.

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  1. “This is why I have a rule to not tweet you until your team plays their game.” The GOAT advice for CFB Tweeting. You saved many fans several thousands of $$$ for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I suggest charging $/ monetize for your suburb message.

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