Worst Message Board Meltdowns – Week 11

Is there anything better than a message board meltdown? We don’t think so. From coaches heads being called for to threats against college players, message boards really do it all.

Below are the best meltdowns from the past week of football:

You don’t need to read this entire post to know Texas fans are mad. Big mad. The biggest mad. I was told yesterday on Twitter that Sark is the #1 most likable coach in college football. Now he’s more unlikable than Tom Herman? Again, big mad. They don’t call him 7-win Sark for nothing.

There’s nothing better than the “I played football before so I know football” guy on message boards. Sure, he makes some great points about the desperate state of affairs that Oklahoma football is in, but it’s unfair to put this all on Venables when TBOW is an easier name to type out.

The best part about this post is the ping-pong effect this had on other posters. It just gets worse as it goes. However, the truth is Texas A&M is literally in last place in the SEC, so you are the worst team in the SEC.

It’s not all bad for Kentucky fans. They can go down to Wally World and purchase a 75-inch TV that they can watch the rest of their dumb, stupid season on. It’s not an 80-inch TV but it will get the job done.

For those that don’t know Boo Blake, Boo was hired at Oklahoma after being fired by the Dallas Cowboys as their DL coach for calling Troy Aikman a racist. Yes, Oklahoma thought it was a good idea to hire a head coach coming off of controversy. Anyways, Boo was fired after 3 seasons (1998) with a record of 12-22.

I’m unsure what Luvthepinot considers as “big boys” but Michigan is the #3 team in college football at 10-0. They have one of the most balanced, dynamic offenses in college football. If your defense isn’t good against Washington, it’s not going to be better against Michigan.

I…don’t know what kind of history NC State football fans think they have but they’ve only been ranked 6 times in the last 30 seasons in AP top 25 at the end of the year. Yes, it was an embarrassing loss, but Dave Doeren has taken NC State to bowls in 7 of the last 8 seasons (8 of the last 9 after this season). He is the guy.

After losing to Vanderbilt, this is a jab at MAC teams that provide highlights and entertainment to us on Tuesday and Wednesday nights when none of us Power 5 cowards would. Let me know when Kentucky provides any sort of entertainment and we’d be happy to call you MAC-caliber.

Sadly, Texas A&M is not relevant enough to be THE national joke. Sure, we love laughing at you being a cult, but we don’t actually think you’re good at football. To be blunt: We’re laughing at you, just not in the way you think.

This actually wouldn’t have been a bad idea since Manning was in attendance. He could have at least been a tiny bit more accurate than Quinn Ewers overthrowing his guys by 10-20 yards. Get this guy a jersey and get him going.

Yes, fire Nick Saban. We’ve all had enough of Nick Saban at Alabama.

Why would anyone come after Golden Girls like this? They deserve better than to be on whatever ***** network Virginia Tech football plays on this season.

The best part of this is the no message and the thought by SloaneRanger than this deserved its own thread. We’re with you SloaneRanger, this is some real stupidity.

…and speaking of stupidity, someone on the USC message boards brought up Clay Helton.

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