Worst Takes on Twitter – Week 11

Yesterday seemed like a normal day until the Pac 12 did their thing. Fortunately, the bad takes kept coming regardless.

Below are the worst takes from the week that was.

When you can’t talk about football due to limited knowledge you compare mascots. Sadly, these are two dogs. Everyone knows all dogs are good boys (and girls!). Comparing dogs is one of the worst things you can do. Trust me, I am one.

Speaking of dogs, what an idiot this dog is (me, that’s why you can trust me). LSU is absolutely a top 10 team. Alabama should be too. I’m not sold on Ole Miss but 2/3 of this tweet is just hot garbage. Be better, Fight On Rusty. Bork.

This was a take that wasn’t a bad take until it was. You see, UCLA is a basketball school. They don’t understand that there are 4 quarters in a game, as opposed to two halves, and if you rip off 53 points in 3 quarters then that’s a good thing. Plus when you talk about another school and you lose at home to 3-6 Arizona you just look terrible.

I wonder how Texas fans are liking Sark this morning. Probably as much as Washington and USC fans liked him in the past.

If there’s one school that has taught us the definition of “coping” this year it’s been Oklahoma. Don’t tell them they have the 9th most talented team, per 247 Sport’s Team Rankings. Don’t tell them they thought they had upgraded when they got Venables after Riley left. Don’t tell them USC is currently ranked in the top 10. It’s everyone else’s fault, not theirs.

Notre Dame lost to Marshall and Stanford at home this year. When you play like a JV program, you get treated like a JV program.

I don’t now how you land at 5.7 in any scenario but this was wrong. Very wrong. Wisconsin averaged under 2 yards per carry vs Iowa’s defense, which still proves to be one of the best in the nation despite their Brian Ferentz problem.

You don’t need to post these type of pre-game posts when you’re Northwestern. You’re not dangerous. You’re not a threat. You’re playing a physical Minnesota team on the road. Oh, and you lost 31-3. Locked and loaded but misfired.

File this one in the “wasn’t bad until it was” take category. Brian Kelly has outdone himself in Baton Rouge thus far, and it could only get worse for them as his recruiting takes off. The boot is getting comfy, but it’s Brian Kelly’s boot and Sam Pittman’s behind.

Another “wasn’t bad until it was” take. Kentucky proved this weekend that it is a basketball school. You may compete in the SEC but you’re not doing a masterful job of showing you can compete against the good teams in the SEC when you lose to the worst team in the SEC in Vanderbilt. Yikes.

Oregon has never won a national championship. We all know that. In my opinion, they may never win a championship while Phil Knight is funding the progrum. All of that being said, why in the world would you make fun of another team’s history when yours is full of broken dreams? I’m glad he got a selfie with a national championship. Good to know what one looks like.

Oh boy. If we thought Oklahoma was coping, Miami is doing their part just as well. Look, I’m not one to bash 17 year old kids like Miami does, but Jaden Rashada is easily one of the top 5-6 QBs in the 2023 class that is absolutely stacked with QB talent. He has all the tools to be better than Emory Williams. Will that happen? Who knows, but comparing stats in high school games is lazy.

This is a sad attempt by Auburn’s Director of Football and Player Relations to trick kids into thinking Auburn is recruiting better without a head coach. You’re 2-5 in conference play and hoping kids won’t notice how much of a save situation that Auburn is in. This kind of recruiting tactics don’t work out well in the long run.

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