Worst Twitter Takes of Week 10

Conference bias, bad predictions and trolling gone wrong (oh my!). Here are some of the worst twitter takes for the week.

No, they’re not. Isn’t it possible that a team that beats Alabama isn’t automatically the number one team in country? Are we going to continue to do this? Yeah? Alright then.

Sorry, wrong tweet. This one is solid.

Our very own @fightonrusty is pleading to anyone that’ll listen that Oregon is actually as good as Tennessee. There is no way he’s doing this for that quality win for USC in the PAC12 Championship Game.

Does someone want to tell them what happened next?

At least one influencer or commentator makes the mistake of overrating a Florida team. Sometimes it’s Florida State, other times it’s Florida. This prediction has Miami (FL) winning the ACC Coastal. It’s an annual occurrence so I have a hard time being too harsh towards Jake here. Still, with this prediction being officially wrong in almost every area, it was worth including it this week.

Very funny @fightonrusty. The prediction that I identified as “uneducated” probably owes TCU an apology. Still, read the comments pertaining to my OU prediction at 7-5. That doesn’t look so silly now does it?

The initial prediction from friend of the site, @CFBHome, was wrong, but that reply is next level. I get it. Math is harder. Statistics are harder, and Notre Dame still scored 35 points in a rout of Clemson.

Wait what? Is this real or are you subtly trolling your Hawkeye friends just east of you? If so, touché.

Have I been saving this tweet for a special occasion? Was yesterday said special occasion? Yes to both. It was a 24-3 Iowa win over Purdue, but I assure you that it wasn’t as close as the score indicates. By the way, this is the same Purdue team that was picked to win the West. You don’t believe me?

There is an important lesson to this prediction that did not apply to the previous ones. If you tag me in an image of a prediction, I will probably have it bookmarked for one of these articles in the future.

Thank you to the participants for this week’s takes. If you have a “worst take” submission for the Message Board Geniuses, feel free to tag us (@fightonrusty, @hawkguymatt, @boardgeniuses) with a quote tweet with the #WorstCFBTakes hashtag.

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