The Top 25 Message Board Posts from the Month of October

25. This Texas fan gave up after the Longhorns lost to Oklahoma State.

24. Notre Dame should quit worrying about wins and focus on executing Catholic ideals.

23. You just can’t trust fat coaches.

22. Texas Tech football reminds me of the Civil War.

21. Wisconsin is always copying Nebraska. Be original for once why don’t you Wisconsin?

20. Lincoln Riley took the heart of the Oklahoma program and destroyed it.

19. Nick Saban is finished (and also likely had sex with Hillary Clinton).

18. Miami is paying kids $5 Million per year.

17. After losing to Alabama, this Texas AM fan still had hopes of a Natty.

16. This Florida fan gets no pleasure from watching the Gators.

15. Jim Harbaugh should be criminally charged with inciting a riot.

14. This Auburn fan is enjoying scarring his children for life.

13. Florida State fan has a perfect replacement for Mike Norvell.

12. This Memphis fan is looking for a specific kind of coach.

11. I know it’s a Facebook post, but I’m a sucker for conspiracy theories.

10. Brent Venables was losing on purpose.

9. This Nebraska fan takes sports very seriously.

8. Auburn should take a run at Nick Saban.

7. Alabama fans melted down in glorious fashion after losing to Tennessee.

6. Why do fat coaches succeed at Tennessee?

5. This Miami fan caused mayhem after the loss to Duke.

4. Auburn should make Bryan Harsin provide janitorial services.

3. USC fan reached out to Colin Cowherd for help with the Pac 12 Officials.

2. Texas A&M fans had some interesting ideas to help their offense.

1.This LSU fan caught Tennessee cheating!

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