CFB Therapy Halloween Week: Texas Sized Sadness; Iowa still punting

It is now 7 games in for most CFB teams and that means that around a dozen teams are still in contention for the College Football Playoff. That also means that around 120 teams are varying degrees of meh. Let’s focus on a few of the teams with fanbases in the worst shape right now.

Oh cool. I get to talk about Iowa again. I’ve tried talking fellow Hawkeye fans down while punting was winning and again when punt wasn’t winning. Now the Hawkeyes have tried turning it over a half dozen times in Columbus. Time to give more positional responsibility to Brian, I guess.

Unfortunately, a Michigan message board poster articulated Iowa’s struggles better than I could:

Yes, fire Jeff Brohm, but do it before you play Iowa, please.

I should probably say something about how Purdue scored 24 on Wisconsin, but seeing as how the game was 35-10 going into the fourth, I’m not sure that a couple of garbage touchdowns matter much. Purdue’s next game is the easiest on their schedule and it would be that way even if Iowa were good this year.

Ole Miss fans seem to have a weird obsession with refs and back sides. Anyway, look at it this way, Rebel fans. You now have one thing in common with Alabama. You both have a conference loss. Yours was a bit worse than Alabama’s, sure, but theirs was to a rival, so it probably hurt more.

That said, you play a very beatable Texas A&M team before you get an opportunity to win back all of your credibility against Alabama at home. Until then, you guys are fine.

We have already reached the point of #FireEveryone in Austin. I just hope Steady Eddy is okay.

Well, until next week, keep sending me your meltdowns and I’ll keep putting them on a website…I mean, I will keep talking you down.

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