Vibe Check: Week 8

Week 7 put a little extra cheese on the weird taco. Texas lost a close game in a blowout, Jimbo Fisher and Mario Cristobal don’t know what to do with their hands, and don’t look now but LSU’s good and they have a bye week before a home game against Saban.

Let’s see what the vibes are around college football as teams head into Week 8.


Texas Longhorns

The Longhorns’ loss on the road to Oklahoma State shouldn’t be a total surprise. The Cowboys were ranked higher and the home team. Throw in 20-25 mph winds and it being Quinn Ewers’ first road game since high school and a close loss isn’t easy to stomach but not hard to understand. Or maybe not?

I can’t argue with any of this and I’m glad I can’t because this is objectively hilarious.

I’m sorry Texas fans but your program struggling is funny and makes zero sense because of everything said here (but we all really know why.) If the show “VEEP” was about college football, it’d be about the Longhorns. And I don’t understand the ineptitude. Charlie Strong, Tom Herman and Steve Sarkasian aren’t dumb so what’s the difference between the three Texas programs mentioned? For TCU, it’s Sonny Dykes walking into a stable program after Gary Patterson left. Texas is on its fourth coach since 2010 and that instability doesn’t help a foundation get built. Baylor meanwhile has given two young rising coaches in Matt Rhule and Dave Aranda the room to run their shows without immediate expectations. I get the frustration Texas fans, but y’all are trying to run when you need to relearn how to walk. Sarkasian has coached 20 games for Texas and matched 2021’s win total in Week 7 this season. Here’s what they say about Sark because the team didn’t stay out for “Eyes of Texas” after the loss:

Why have so many qualified minds gone to a school with so many resources and advantages and none of them succeed? This is something Texas fans should take time to think about.

Texas A&M Aggies


Aggies have to be dealing with a lot right now and it’s not over. Texas A&M returns to College Station this weekend for their first home game in six weeks against #15 Ole Miss. The Rebels rank third in the nation in rushing ypg. The Aggies rank 102nd in stopping the run. And Texas A&M still has Florida and LSU left on the schedule. From preseason #6 to 6-6 if they’re lucky. There’s too much invested in Jimbo to fire him right now but if he wants to keep this job he’ll need to make wholesale changes on offense. The recruiting and transfer portal will be things to watch so just hunker down and weather the storm, Aggies fans.

LSU Tigers

No way this is a real LSU fan.

That’s more like it.

Looks like the Bayou Bengals are back. I really thought Brian Kelly would need more time to install his offense and that looked to be the case until the past couple of weeks. Jayden Daniels has settled in at QB and put up numbers against conference opponents, not cupcakes. The aforementioned chaser did recruit well so Kelly had pieces to work with but Daniels conducts the orchestra and they’re playing well together. The Tigahs have confidence heading into the bye week before clashing with Alabama in a likely night game in Death Valley. It will not be an event for the timid.

Miami Hurricanes

If there’s a perfect example of how things are in Miami, it’s this response to a poster who was trying to share someone else’s view that Mario Cristobal deserves patience with the Canes sitting at 3-4:

And these were the first three replies in a thread that would later post Cristobal’s comments from his press conference after the loss to Duke:

Frustrations have been simmering in Coral Gables for some time and it now appears to be spilling out, with fans arguing whether it’s the players or coaches who are to blame. Some interesting people appear to be in the player-blaming camp:

But plenty of posters have differing opinions.

And I have to agree with them. There’s no reason Miami should be 3-4 right now. Cristobal is best as the CEO type head coach who recruits and that’s really about it. He needs really good coordinators to manage the team so until those are hired, don’t expect much. This season’s obviously one to forget so send the seniors off well and get ready for 2023 ASAP.


The games will be back around before we know it. Get weird, get emotional, and get it all out. And if you need professional help, HawkGuyMatt will be seeing patients soon.

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