Did You Miss Us? USC is Back

After losing Saturday’s game at Utah due to some of the most egregious calls by referees I have ever seen, it occurred to me. Every tweet and message board post across the internet is talking about USC. And through all of the joyful tweets about USC losing by fanbases all across the Twitterverse and message boards alike, one thing rung true: they’re scared of the USC Trojans again. 

The thing is, we weren’t supposed to be here yet. A year ago, USC had an interim head coach and the only thing to look forward to was being one week closer to understanding what the grand plan is. Most expected a 9-3 or 8-4 season. USC is sitting at 6-1 and still has the best odds at making the College Football Playoffs of any team in the Pac 12, according to FPI. 

Lincoln Riley is a genius. Plain and simple. He has changed the game for college football for good. The transfer portal can and will be used to shape teams in the future. He didn’t just use the transfer portal, he built a team capable enough to gel together to be this good this quick. He turned a toxic culture left by Clay Helton’s regime and made it into a winner. And you know what? He didn’t get everyone he wanted because this concept wasn’t proven yet. Who turns USC and Lincoln Riley down in next year’s transfer portal? No one.

The main thing to consider here is that everyone fears USC. When an opponent sees USC on their schedule they get all antsy in their pantsy because it’s their Super Bowl. The other thing to consider is nearly the entire team comes back next year, along with what will be a top 10 recruiting class. Oh and that transfer portal thing? Yeah, we’re pillaging that.

If you don’t think we’re back it’s because you’re in denial. If you don’t think we’re back it’s likely because you’re one of those people that believes in Big Foot. If you don’t think we’re back you’re sadly, sadly mistaken, and you’ll soon enough see Lincoln Riley and Caleb Williams hoisting a national championship trophy. Not only is USC back, but this loss put a chip on their shoulder. Watch out, college football.

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