Vibe Check: Week 6

The bow is on Week 6 and Week 7 brings about some great matchups, so let’s look at where things stand for participants in what will be the weekend’s premier games and check in on some friends whose weekends went sideways.

Alabama Crimson Tide

The Texas A&M game was the one everyone was waiting for preseason. Then the Aggies stumbled and stumbled, and both teams had to start their backup QBs, so some of the steam was lost but the tension between Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher kept it interesting. Alabama backup QB Jalen Milroe got his first start and fans were excited to see what he had after a decent showing at Arkansas. He struggled, and the Aggies had a chance to win the game many expected to be a vicious beat down, so despite the exciting win it still feels like a little bit of a letdown.

Alabama offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien remains the ire of the Crimson Tide fanbase.

While some are finding extra hope in Bryce Young’s expected return, others know what’ll happen.

As far as #TennesseeHateWeek posts go, the fans are playing the hits right now but let’s hope for new stuff soon.

There’s a nervousness about this game this year. The combination of Tennessee’s success and Alabama’s offensive struggles

Tennessee Vols

Vols fans are in somewhat unfamiliar territory. The football team’s moved up two spots to sixth in the nation after working over LSU. When Tennessee was ranked eighth in Week 4, it was the first time the Vols had been in the Top 10 since 2016. There’s definite optimism among the fans but the attention can take some adjusting to.

Case in point: media member speculation can fuel some paranoia.

But the optimism is there too and they aren’t getting too ahead of themselves right now which is admirable. A victory on The Third Saturday in October is traditionally celebrated with a victory cigar, but some people like to put their own twist on things.

The 2022 edition of the rivalry will be the biggest in years and the hype will build leading up to the game that should be electric. The stage seems set for this to be the year to end the Saban streak. If the Vols win, Gov. Bill Lee may have to deploy the national guard to try and control the scene in Knoxville.

Michigan Wolverines

After a mundane 31-10 win over Indiana, Michigan is prepping the Big House for a Big Noon kickoff.

Every fanbase has the “rally the troops” posters and they always aren’t appreciated.

The Penn State-Michigan game is one of the day’s premier games and as such is getting early hype.

This has a strong vibe of big modern-day college football and I wonder if it makes some Wolverine fans nervous. They really love those old days. Really old days. Even older than old days. It’s been a minutes hasn’t it Wolverines?

But back to the game and some early analysis.

There’s a quiet confidence among the Wolverine faithful. They know it’s a big game but they’re looking at what’s next.

Michigan fans: take it week by week. It’s too early to be thinking national title picture.

Penn State Nittany Lions

Penn State has worked its way up the polls and currently sits at #10. Despite the less-than-flashy win against Northwestern, Nittany Lions fans seem loose heading into their big matchup against Michigan. They have concerns but not all are about on-field play.

This is a big game for Penn State. Does HC James Franklin have what it takes to rise to the moment?

Penn State fans know they’re playing with house money here but I’ll be interested to see how the posts are later in the week.

Oklahoma Sooners

The Brent Venables era has veered straight into the ditch and panic is setting in after suffering a 49-0 destruction by Texas.

There are always those who know more.

Obvious things are, well, obvious.

Some are ready to pull the plug after an assumed loss to Kansas. I can’t believe that’s a sentence I used.

There’s always the one that got away.

Message board beverage suggestions can differ depending on the subject.

Oklahoma fans need some time to work through some things.

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