The Top 25 Message Board Posts from the Month of September

Here are the top 25 posts from the month of September. Enjoy!

25. NC State is better than Alabama. The logic here is solid.

24. Michigan has to be cheating, right?

23. This Miami fan don’t want no pimple face kids making more than him.

22. Michigan State suffered jet lag for a week after their long flight home from Seattle.

21. Breaking news from Nebraska’s janitor.

20. If NASA can hit a meteor from 7 million miles away, Brady Cook should be able to complete some passes.

19. Texas is too focused on the SEC to care about games in the Big 12.

18. Auburn won! That sucks for Auburn fans.

17. Alabama players were distracted by the Queen’s death.

16. Illinois fan wants a CFB draft and also wants players to pay their own way.

15. Notre Dame should hire Jon Gruden, he can recruit like a mofo.

14. Florida fan argues that ants could take over the world.

13. Mississippi State fan is worried that marriage may be distracting one the players.

12. Georgia Tech should hire a sitting US Senator as its head coach.

11. Eli Drinkwitz is just like a hot, crazy girlfriend.

10. Oklahoma is sick of playing in all of these dwarf super bowls.

9. Notre Dame should be scouting the intramural fields for talent.

8. He who pays the bills should choose the music.

7. Players should not be exposing their midriffs.

6. Missouri fan watched tape on Abilene Christian and scripted an offensive game plan for Coach Drinkwitz.

5. Jimbo Fisher has a very complex, but at the same time simple, strategy to win a National Championship.

4. Mississippi State fan doesn’t want their ugly fans on camera.

3. Urban Meyer is a skank. But Nebraska will take him anyway.

2. Oklahoma fan seeks help from President Biden.

1. If Bobby Petrino could destroy the Arkansas program with a motorcycle, he certainly could do it with a football team.

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