Vibe Check: Week 5

Weekend warriors, ASSEMBLE!

The best things about college football is the chaos and weirdness. From the fans to the traditions to the on-field action, insanity in strange ways makes it great. And Week 5 gave us a good bit with a number of ranked teams losing, some doing so to unranked teams in spectacular fashion.

This week we had to check in on a few friends after a rough night and get them back to their cars:

Texas A&M

Before we get into the Aggies fans’ posts, I’m taking the liberty of posting what my cousin, a recent Texas A&M graduate and former Aggie athlete, had to say about Jimbo prior to the Arkansas game.

Some were still deep in Jimbo’s camp before the Mississippi State game.

The mood shifted drastically after the cowbells stopped ringing.

*Rich_Boosters has logged on*

Things are starting to devolve for Fisher in College Station and the end probably comes sooner than expected if things don’t change quickly.


The Brent Venables hire was celebrated in Norman but the Oklahoma Sooners have as many losses in five games this year as they did all of last year. Personally, this reminds me of when Alabama hired Mike Shula: the program, finding itself in a tough situation, turns to longtime assistant coaches with ties to the college and talks itself into believing they’re just the man for the job despite facts staring you in the face. There are still those holding out hope but many, many more are realizing the totality of the situation in which they find themselves.

Losing Lincoln Riley and so many important players through transfer made this season a rough one for Oklahoma. Venables will need time. I won’t bet on it working, but he’s only coached five games so give him a chance.


I seriously cannot understand how any Auburn fan can feel positive about where their program stands now. I’ll break that down later this week but let’s check in on the current state of affairs on the plains.

The conversations have turned to when, not if, a move is made. Nothing insightful has been said, which often elicits the best responses.

Again, I’ll break this situation down a little more later this week but bleak days are ahead Auburn fans.

As we get deeper into the season, the chaos will grow like kudzu. A lot of teams can already call it a season but that won’t limit their opportunity to get weird. Tight.

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