5 College Football Fanbases that Need Therapy: Week 4

We have had a Sunday and Monday to recover from the Week 4 College Football results and still, five fanbases need therapy.

Miami (FL)

In Miami, some are already dreaming of better days. Though Manny Diaz’s tenure doesn’t really seem like the better days I would reminisce about.

Look, this year is going to be rough for you Hurricane fans. It is more difficult to stomach when you are predicted to be a dark horse playoff team. That said, Saban lost to ULM in his first season at Alabama. Mario Cristobal is not Nick Saban, but at least there’s a data point to show that things need to get bad before they get better.


I tried to tell you all to temper the expectations for Oklahoma, but you, specifically Sooner fans, did not listen. Oklahoma is still a good team in a conference without an elite team, so all is not lost. For your sake, however, don’t look at what your former coach is doing in LA.


Usually, an SEC team is the beneficiary of a close loss to Alabama, but I suppose we will have to settle with a future SEC team. Close losses to Alabama early in the season don’t prove that you’re a good team. Yes, the Longhorns are still missing their star QB, but they also gave up 33 points to Texas Tech. Y’all aren’t back, but you’re still probably better than 5-7 like last year.


We’re split between the stage of firing our coach, him voluntarily stepping down and blaming the uniforms, Badger fans. Unfortunately for you folks up north, it makes sense.

Last year, for the first time since the Big Ten split into East and West divisions (2014), Wisconsin went two consecutive years without winning the West. That is how dominant they’ve been in the division. You might want to hold on to the past a bit, because in your third year of not winning your division, it is probably going to be your biggest rival – Minnesota – that makes a trip to Indy.

College Football Fans that don’t care about baseball

I appreciate Auburn fans trying to take solace in their pedestrian offense. As an Iowa fan, I’m an expert on this topic. But if fans wanted to watch Aaron Judge hit a homerun that isn’t the actual record, wouldn’t they just, you know, turn the channel to the baseball game? Thank you, ESPN, for continuing to polarize your broadcasts.

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