SEC Vibe Check: Weekend Winners

Some need to start putting out the vibe.

By Bama Will

There were two massive SEC games this weekend: Tennessee beating Florida, and Texas A&M scraping by Arkansas. Throw in the insanity of Missouri-Auburn in the 11 am slot and it was an insanely fun day of college football (of which I missed because I hit the My Morning Jacket show. No offense Vandy but I wasn’t worried about y’all.)

Over in Auburn, things are fully off the rails and the Bryan Harsin experiment is all but officially over. Some reporters who cover the team have provided their subscribers some inside info that makes it obvious.

One candidate who I believe needs to be in heavy consideration is Deion Sanders. Auburn has to do something different compared to rivals Georgia and Alabama who also happen to be ranked first and second respectively in the recent AP Top 25 poll. Never mind the lack of experience, he’s in Aflac commercials with Saban which would totally put Bama, Georgia and Auburn on equal footing. The pressers could be fun too.

I will give Auburn this, they sure have their own way of enjoying a coaching search.

Not everyone’s ready for Prime Time on the Plains.

Texas A&M fans won a thriller against Arkansas. Surely that’ll encourage the Aggie faithful, right?

Tennessee’s fan base is pretty excited about the win and where the program’s heading, including recruiting.

I know this is strange to say because I’m a fan of a team that’s consistently won at a high level for 14 years now, but I enjoy the chaos and I love that’s it’s starting early. I really need things to be incredibly wild and weird this year and I think we’re heading that way.

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