Moving on from a Cockroach: Finding Arizona State’s Next Coach

Cockroaches are best known for being able to survive a nuclear apocalypse. Herm Edwards is best known for blowing up the Arizona State program and surviving year-after-year despite facing an NCAA investigation. How does Arizona State move on from a cockroach? Below are a list of obvious names for the next leader of the Sun Devils program. 

Deion Sanders

What better way to move on from a coach that led the program into NCAA investigations than to hire a walking infraction in Deion Sanders? Arizona State is looking for a young and analytics driven coach. Deion somewhat meets this criteria, although I’m not sure he’d surround himself with the data nerds needed to impress here.

However, Deion has the recruiting chops to go up against any head coach in the nation. More importantly, he creates hype and instant positive PR for the program and the players. 

Urban Meyer

Another great way to move on from a program heading into NCAA infractions is to hire Urban Meyer. Brilliant strategy as it’s been at least 9 months since he was last fired for being a controversial head coach and has never, ever left a program in the dust or in shambles before.

Urban Meyer is a fantastic college head coach but he’s obviously not the answer here. 

Kenny Dillingham

This one makes sense based on the criteria Arizona State is looking for. Young, driven, and will hire whoever the AD wants him to hire to do the data nerd stuff. He’d likely recruit well and give Arizona prospects something to think about. 

Forutnately for Arizona State, Dillingham is likely interested. Fortunately for Arizona State opponents, this would be a giant mess as Dillingham has had 3 games as a play caller and would be an even bigger mistake than Oregon hiring an extremely inexperienced Dan Lanning. 

Clay AND Tyson Helton 

What’s better than one Helton leading a team out of sanctions? Two Helton’s leading a team out of sanctions. 

The Helton’s are football guys. They say Clay was born during the 3rd quarter of a Florida victory over Florida State. Who says that? I’m not sure but it sounds like something the former-head guy at USC would make up.

Tyson is interesting because he’s had success at Western Kentucky, and he might actually be worthy of a look here, but he should bring Clay with…just in case.

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