Michigan State Still Tucks

After an incredible 11-2 season, many people believe in the green guys out in East Lansing. I am not one of those folks.

Kenny Walker Got Tucker Paid

I’ve been saying that Kenneth Walker…excuse me – lightning – won’t strike twice. Jalen Berger is a good RB and this is, by no means, an indictment on him. But Kenneth Walker is, as this poster says, a generational talent, and that isn’t easy to replace. With that said, let’s see which stage of grief Spartan fans find themselves in right now.

Fire the Coordinator!

A common method of dealing with a team that isn’t as good as expected is to blame the coordinator. Believe me. I am quite familiar with this stage.

But is there more to it than just the defensive coordinator? Perhaps it was the schedule last year that inflated future expectations.

2021 Michigan State Schedule

Take a look at their schedule and tell me what you see. The Spartans beat Michigan (though they seem to do this when Michigan State is atrocious), but they didn’t really beat anyone else. Penn State, after their collapse, might have been their second-best win outside of the Kenny Pickett-less Pitt win in the Peach Bowl.

Their West crossovers, Nebraska and Northwestern, had a combined 2 wins in conference (they had to have at least one, as they played each other). They lost to their other crossover opponent (Purdue) by double digits.

When expectations are inflated by a weaker schedule, this is the type of disappointment you’ll get when a team like Michigan State inevitably does not meet those expectations. Again, as an Iowa fan, I truly get this.

Michigan State is certainly better than Purdue historically, but remember that they beat the Spartans last year. That might not be the comparison that you want to use.

These “wrong chats” are getting a little out of hand. Thank you for sharing, I guess.

Michigan State can out talent 90% of the Big Ten? Is Washington better than the majority of the Big Ten? Are we sure we’re not confusing Michigan State with Michigan? That usually happens to folks outside of the conference.

For the record, 90% of the 13 other teams would be (11.7) everyone but Michigan and Ohio State. Wisconsin and Minnesota are on the schedule this year, and Penn State and Maryland are road games. Michigan State still Tucks. I look forward to continuing to monitor your stages of grief throughout the season.

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