CFB Therapy for SEC Sadness: Week 3

Our college football therapy session this week is going to focus on the best football conference. Yes, even with 57% of their teams in the top 25, there is reason to doubt that it truly means more.


Put me in the category of those that are a bit surprised by the Auburn result. I didn’t think Penn State was anything better than a middle of the road Big Ten team (I still don’t).

Here’s the thing: every conference has bad teams, but Auburn has enough talent to not be in that category. As this fine gentleman says, perhaps next week they’ll give their best player a few more carries.


There are two schools of thought here. One acknowledges that Arkansas won, despite being outcoached, and still is ranked in the top 10. The other recognizes that needing a fourth quarter comeback against FCS Midwest is probably cause for concern.

Arkansas has Texas A&M and Alabama next, so they’ll need to clean up the whole being outcoached for three quarters thing pretty quickly. 3-0 is still 3-0 though, Razorback fans.


Florida players celebrating after giving up big gains and some disagreement amongst fans about the depth chart caps off a narrow win over directional Florida. Mind you, directional Florida lost to BYU by 31 at home, but everything is fine.

Florida resumes their SEC schedule next week before facing directional Washington at home…in October. At least there’s one more tune-up game on the schedule for Gator fans.

South Carolina

Many folks, even outside of the *Game Wiener fanbase, believed that South Carolina was on their way towards being the premier program in the state. We are clearly not there yet. Yes, Georgia is going to blast virtually everyone this year, but to do so on your home field while your out of conference rivals kept it to a one score game during their down year? Not good.

However, South Carolina does play in the most difficult conference in college football. Sure, the non-Georgia and Alabama part of the conference struggled, many with inferior opponents. And yeah, its true that the East is widely considered the weaker of the two SEC divisions. But the grind of an SEC schedule is something that only 12 other teams (and Vanderbilt) can attest to. Hang in their Game Wieners. You’ll be fine, I’m sure…

*Note that there are children on the internet and “Gamecock” just sounds a bit too abrasive.

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