Most Likely Meltdowns of the Weekend

I forgot Cole Cubleic gets a pass this weekend.

By Bama Will

This Saturday provides us with two games which will undoubtedly provide us with a meltdown. Two SEC teams in choppy waters face ranked nonconference opponents, both of which face their own hurdles. And I’ll throw in a couple I think will be fun to keep an eye on.

#22 Penn State at Auburn

I don’t know what to think on this one. Bryan Harsin needs a win in the worst possible way. Penn State seems like the better team but they’re far from proven. Auburn’s hyping this game up with what I guess is an “orange out.” The Tigers haven’t been very flashy against lower competition but they won and that’s all you have to do. Expect to see Auburn try some things this weekend. Auburn currently has the 57th-best offense in the country in terms of total yards but that offense isn’t coming out of the tunnel. Can they produce against Penn State’s 63rd-ranked defense?

Auburn fans seem keyed up for this one:

I think it’s close until Penn State starts to pull away. If that happens, the Harsin haters will crow about how they’ve been right all along and talk of the boosters will kick up. It’s like that old show that no matter how many times you’ve seen it before, it’s still fun to watch. Meanwhile, a Penn State loss leaves James Franklin looking for a team to flirt with later.

#13 Miami (FL) at #24 Texas A&M

We’re guaranteed a meltdown here. Texas A&M’s loss to App State changed the perceptions of not only the Aggies but Jimbo Fisher himself, whose record over 50 games is worse than his predecessor. Max Johnson takes over for Haynes King as Aggies’ starting QB. Playing a backup last year worked against Alabama but lightning rarely strikes twice. If Texas A&M loses, launch the lifeboats. Miami needs a good showing so if they struggle things will get sad on their boards, but they just don’t want to lose to the Aggies.


Michigan State at Washington

Michigan State was 54th overall in total defense last year and gave up an average of almost 325 passing yards a game. In its first two games this year, Washington is averaging 384.5 passing yards a game. Washington is ready for this one:

Huskies with the upset!

South Alabama at UCLA

Y’all can argue east or west as much as you like but it’s the Gulf that’s home to America’s true coastal elites, okay? Your beaches are mid, our food is infinitely better, and y’all ain’t got New Orleans. But be warned whatever people who live in Los Angeles are called: don’t talk about New Orleans with South Alabama fans unless you want to hear about how Mobile actually started Mardi Gras. Mobile’s is different but still pretty cool. But I digress: the only LA that really matters is Lower Alabama. South Alabama isn’t a team to not take seriously. Can the Fun Belt pull another upset? Why the h*** not?

Y’all have a good one.

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