BYU: An Arrogance Like No Other

BYU is an enigma. They’re a school that brags about their 1984 national championship when they did not play a team with less than 4 losses throughout the year. That national championship was won playing a 6-6 Michigan team, a team that finished in 7th place in the Big Ten, in the Holiday Bowl. 

For religious reasons, not a single one of them will be drunk on gameday versus Oregon in Eugene. Tailgating, an American tradition, is a waste of time to them. Instead this fan base is all hopped up on Mountain Dew and ready to come at you like a spider monkey. They’ll be ready to verbally assault anyone that puts down their Coogs. The main question we have is: Why? Why is BYU, a team that has played in one NY6 game in its history, so arrogant about their football program? The obvious answer is they’re overcompensating.

BYU is the king of overcompensating. They’re that 5’1 guy with a lifted truck. They’re revving their engine at every stop light to let you know they’re small in more than one way. They’re that Cougar mascot that does gymnastics so you take your eye off of the game for a few minutes. Oh wait, that literally is BYU. 

The point here is BYU is so embarrassed of BYU that they will do anything in their imagination to hype up their own football program. Yes, we all love making fun of Oregon having zero national championships, but we would all rather have zero than to have the most embarassing and undeserving national championship in the history of college football. 

Oregon fans, when you see a BYU fan in Eugene this weekend do the right thing. Welcome them the Oregon way with a big ole’ bag of piss. They deserve it!

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