Texas Two-Step: Horns Up, Aggies Down

Two blowouts were expected in Texas this weekend. The Longhorns were 20-point underdogs to top-ranked Alabama while Texas A&M hosted perennially-overachieving (OR they’re just a good program) App State out of the Sun Belt. A somewhat uneventful Saturday seemed in store.

Then the beautiful weirdness of college football struck twice as Texas battled Alabama to the last minute in a losing effort coupled with App State’s upset of the Aggies.

Two losses and two seemingly opposite directions for Texas’s premier programs.

Texas fans are really enjoying themselves right now as their solid showing is contrasted against the Aggies’ perceived situation.

Some Texas fans are taking notice of the pain of Texas A&M fans.

A lot of Aggies fans are keeping their pain hidden for the time being but some are having buyer’s remorse.

Ask any Alabama fan and they’ll tell you being compared to Bill O’Brien isn’t a good thing. At all.

Texas A&M’s QB play has been under fire but don’t blame the players.

I hate these “glass half full” types.

With Week 3 games approaching, those preseason championship expectations for Aggies fans have retreated to thoughts of another 8-4 season. Texas fans are more interested in enjoying Aggie pain over the direction of their own program but it’s more than they’ve had to celebrate in a while.

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