Chaotic College Football Weekend Brings Sadness

College Football giveth and College Football taketh away. And because college football therapy relies on the latter for material, let’s focus on that today.

Iowa Hawkeyes

I included that last one not for the humor but because it is telling. Solid to great skill players transferring out and finding success elsewhere is not new for the Iowa Hawkeyes. It’s a problem at the top and you really only have two options: get a new head coach or accept the negatives with the positives. I don’t really know which camp I’m in as a fan of a team whose offense functions like Chicago traffic.

Still, making a second appearance in this segment in two weeks seems to indicate that this is going to be a long season for my fellow Hawkeye fans.


It has been a rough 4+ years in Lincoln and it may have reached its peak. A loss to directional Georgia at home is almost certainly going to raise their chances of entering the Urban Meyer sweepstakes.

Look, I know that I’m supposed to be harsh towards you guys because you’re a rival, but I’m not going to do that today. You’re in mourning and I am going to respect that for now. Please don’t make me regret that when you inevitably are back.


The B1G West is gonna B1G West I guess. Spreading your opponent out (which actually worked in Madison) is the mistake that the coach identified yesterday. The fans don’t seem to like that. Trust me Badger fans, it can get a lot worse.

Notre Dame

There seems to be varying degrees of who to fire in South Bend after the surprise loss to Marshall yesterday. Here’s the thing, Irish fans: new coaching staffs take time to gel. Remember that Saban lost to ULM in his first year at Bama. No? Well, it still happened, and he won a national title in his previous college coaching role, too. Have some patience. You’ll be fine.

Well, that wraps up this week’s college football therapy segment. Special shoutout to Appalachian State for doing Appalachian State things to Texas A&M yesterday. See Michigan Wolverine fans, it is not just you.

Send me your college football therapy needs on Twitter @hawkguymatt and I’ll do my best to soften the blow.

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