Top 5 Potential Meltdowns – Week 2

For fans, Week 2 is important because now things start to get real.

Teams now have a starting point from which to build. However, in most cases, the competition in those openers isn’t much so fans’ confidence in facing upcoming opponents can be misguided. And those are the fans we appreciate the most here at MBG.

This list is a combination of likelihood of a loss AND the level of meltdown expected. It’s very scientific.

5. Arkansas

The Hogs host South Carolina today. Last year, the Cocks overachieved under first-year coach Shane Beamer. Can he do it again this year and block some folks’ plans for the evening?

4. Virginia Tech

The Hokies host Boston College tonight and rain’s in the forecast for Blacksburg. Predictions are close among Virginia Tech fans and things just seem off with them in general so a loss could bring on a mess.

3. Tennessee

The Vols are on the road in a top-25 matchup so expectations aren’t high but it seems like some are chumming the waters in case things go south in Pittsburgh.

2. Texas

I know it’s hard to expect much when you’re a 20-point dog at home against the top-ranked team in the nation but some feel pretty confident. This is a measuring stick game for Texas. A loss won’t bring doom but if the team doesn’t show up, Horns fans will lose it.

1. Florida

The Gators faithful are still abuzz after taking down Utah behind Anthony Richardson’s magnificent game. Expectations are high and it’s a home game against Kentucky. Florida has won 33 of the last 35 games with the Cats, who beat the Gators last season. This Kentucky program has a different feel to it for me so the parties planned in Gainesville tonight might turn into somber affairs. Dress accordingly.


Nonparticipant Of The Week: Kansas fan asking important questions in the football forum. Basketball isn’t far off so keep holding on Jayhawks folks.

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