The Race for Urban Meyer: Hottest Seats in CFB

1. Scott Frost Nebraska

How ready is Nebraska to get rid of Scott Frost? They’re “let’s fire the AD” ready. While Nebraska beat FCS-team North Dakota, they didn’t impress enough to get Frost off the most tarmac-able coach list. Luckily Frost has some reprieve this weekend playing Georgia Southern, who is coached by the former #1 on this list over the last few seasons, Clay Helton. 

2. Herm EdwardsArizona State

Look, it’s amazing Herm Edwards still has a job at this point. He’s 26-18 since taking over as head coach at Arizona State. He’s facing program crippling recruiting allegations that led to the dismissal of half of his staff. When you look up the definition of cockroach, you see a picture of Herm Edwards. And what better coach to follow up Herm Edwards with than non-liability Urban Meyer. 

3. Scott Satterfield – Louisville

Satterfield is 18-20 at Louisville after Saturday’s blowout loss to Syracuse. The same Syracuse that went 5-7 last year in spite of having a legendary, stat tweeting RB in Sean Tucker (#PL34ASED). Satterfield’s 2023 recruiting class includes 3 of the 9 best recruits in Louisville history so a move here could be devestating to the future of Louisville, but how important is that future with an extremely average coach at the helm? Urban awaits. 

4. Dan LanningOregon

When you rush to rebound after a breakup, you often don’t look for the love of your life. You find someone convenient that will temporarily make you feel better. Dan Lanning is a rebound for Oregon and Phil Knight. I’m not sure if his face is stuck this way, but he consistently looked the part of a deer in headlights on Saturday vs Georgia. Yes it’s Georgia, yes it was his first game, but Oregon has the 7th most talented roster in college football according to 247. That loss is unacceptable. 

5. James Franklin – Penn State

Through rumors spread by his agent, James Franklin is an annual candidate for head coaching jobs elsewhere and unnecessary pay raises by Penn State. Unfortunately he’s been unable to do well in his current role as head ball coach at Penn State. In his last 23 games, Franklin’s Nittany Lions are 12-11. That means Penn State has paid Franklin over $1 million per win. What better place for Urban Meyer to land than a university that isn’t shy to hide serious allegations of misconduct? 

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