The Top 25 Message Board Posts From the Month of August

25. Texas A&M fan wants to know the proper pronunciation of NIL.

24. Notre Dame is like a ‘starter wife’ for recruits.

23. Ohio State fan predicted an amazing season for the Buckeyes.

22. South Carolina fan proposed changing the entrance song.

21. Florida fan accuses Miami of having bad credit.

20. USC fan gets his info from the head of Fox Sports.

19. It’s Vanderbilt and Missouri’s fault that Kansas isn’t in the SEC.

18. One game in, and Nebraska fans wanted Urban.

17. There are very few college coaches that sound and act like men.

16. Texas A&M fan hears huge conference realignment news at the pool.

15. Hey, maybe this Florida fan was right.

14. Oklahoma fan expresses his gratitude to all the bagmen out there.

13. Nick Saban is a declining asset. Alabama was dumb to extend him.

12. When the U.S. divides into two countries they can play each other for the world football championship.

11. Nick Saban’s ipod playlist is a detriment in recruiting.

10. Texas fans reacted to an early report that Hudson Card would be named the starting QB over Quinn Ewers (the report was not accurate).

9. Utah fan penned a poem about beating Florida.

8. The plan at Oklahoma is for Brent Venables to step down to be the defensive coordinator and for Jeff Lebby to become the head coach.

7. This Penn State fan found himself in a real pickle.

6. This Nebraska fan expressed his displeasure after a Week 0 loss.

5. Auburn fans want Urban Meyer bad

4. USC fan had inside information regarding Malachi Nelson’s NIL deal with Texas A&M.

3. Iowa State fan has great idea for raising NIL funds; recycling!

2. Florida State fan is worried about journalist spies.

1. Johnny Manziel is John The Baptist!

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