SEC Preview: Best Bets

It only feels appropriate to finish our power-conference previews with the crown jewel of collegiate athletics, the Southeastern Conference.

I know the Big XII has exciting plans to rearrange the furniture for the new renters, and the ACC just might possibly be not as top heavy as it seems. The B1G is flush with cash and looking to add a new wing to the mansion. I honestly don’t know what’s going on with the Pac-12 because I have kids and couldn’t stay up late enough to read its preview.

Enough talk. Let’s get after it…

Best Heisman Bet – Will Anderson, Jr., Alabama LB (+2000)

It’s been well established that the dude’s a nasty beast on the field, so conventional wisdom says offenses strategize around that. Problem with that is Bama’s defense is pretty filthy all around. Up front, the d-line is capable of doing more than just taking on blockers…

and Dallas Turner, Bama’s other edge rusher, will quickly make teams regret not dealing with him. 

Anderson ain’t got “that dog” in him, THAT DOG got Will Anderson in him. Dude is worth the hype.

Best Long-Shot Conference Winner Bet – Arkansas Razorbacks (+4000)

The Hogs’ schedule is tough. They play two ranked out of conference opponents in addition to SEC play but they get a vast majority of their big games in Fayetteville (which I’ve heard is a pretty cool place). They also avoid Georgia this year. The fan base’s confidence is really high.

Sam Pittman doesn’t get near the credit he deserves for the job he’s done but that could change after the season. Don’t be scared of taking this bet.

Best Playoff Pick – Texas A&M (+2500)

After beating Bama last year and then signing the highest-rated recruiting class ever, the Aggies’ championship expectations are now firmly established. 

I personally love the 8-4 joke but Jimbo is more than capable enough to make them an elite program, especially considering the resources that’ve been poured into the program. They don’t have to win the West to make the playoffs so it seems like a solid bet to me.

Best Regular Season Wins Bet – LSU over 6.5

Ed Orgeron’s last three recruiting classes all ranked in the top five while Brian Kelly’s best class during that span was ninth. An accomplished coach walking into a situation like this won’t need much time to be successful, and one poster brought the digits breaking down what LSU’s offense might look like.

And there’s plenty of talent left in Baton Rouge to have a dangerous offense.

LSU will be favored in six games and three of its games as underdogs will be in Death Valley. I like them on the road against Florida too so seven wins should be easy.

And that’s the jam, folks. I wouldn’t be mad if y’all had an awesome Week 1. Enjoy!

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