#FireEverybody: Jeff Brohm Loses His Watch

In an uncharacteristically high scoring game, Penn State went to West Lafayette and beat Purdue 35-31. This is the second time in as many years that Penn State starts their season on the road in conference play with a win. How does it feel, Nittany Lion fans?

Moving on.

The real story of this game is Purdue’s inability to close it out. The game was very much in Purdue’s hands after reclaiming the lead with a Pick Six. Typically, with a lead late in the fourth quarter, a coach would choose to burn clock and leave the stadium with a win. Unfortunately, Jeff Brohm does not seem to have any concept of time.

In a fairly impressive two minute drill, Sean Clifford and company moved the ball down field and scored the go-ahead touchdown with just under a minute left. With any semblance of a run game, Purdue drains the clock and Clifford doesn’t get this opportunity. Unfortunately for the trains of West Lafayette, Jeff left his watch at home today and decided to stay the course.

Blunders aside, it is unlikely that Brohm’s seat is even warm. Let’s not forget that this guy did get Purdue their highest win total since Kyle Orton was their QB in 2003.

Or not.

But hey, at least a former Iowa WR picked up a career night statistically.

The only statistic that really matters is shown on the scoreboard.

[Looks at his own fanbase for melting down during this game]

And with that slight bit of depressed introspection, Purdue starts their season with a home conference loss.

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