#FireEverybody Friday: Down with Frank Cignetti, Jr 

There are quite a few things you can takeaway from the first game of the year. Did the coaches fully prepare the team to win? Do you have the right players in place? Do you have the correct coaches in place? Unfortunately for Pitt, the answer for all three of those is a resounding no. 

Yes, they stepped off the field victorious. Yes, they received some inspired play by certain individuals. But the ugliness that was featured by the Pitt offense in the former-USC QB Battle of the Bastards was enough to make you want to douse your eyes with Yunegling. 

Pat Narduzzi is safe…for now. It’s time for all of #HTP nation (let’s ride) to ask for the head of Frank Cignetti, Jr. 

If you’re asking yourself “who the (expletive) is Frank Cignetti, Jr.?”, you’re not alone. Rumor has it that Jordan Addison hit the transfer portal because this offense was so inept and without potential that he could not see how he could be developed into an NFL WR under Cignetti. 

With 6 stops in the last 10 years, Cignetti is a “football guy” in the sense that he continues to dupe head coaches into hiring him to run their offense into the ground. When Kedon Slovis wasn’t on his backside or being rushed from the pocket, he was throwing to two players running the same exact route in the middle of the field. 

We all know Pitt isn’t a great football school. I mean, what school doesn’t have their own stadium in 2022? That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a competent offensive coordinator. It’s time for Pitt to fire Frank Cignetti, Jr. 

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