Auburn: AD, TJ, maybe a bunch of Ls?

For nine months now, Auburn football has suffered embarrassment after embarrassment. Losing in your rival’s backyard to a Group of 5 team, thereby ensuring a losing record for the first time since 2012; a plethora of transfers; recruiting’s lackluster finish; national public scandal over unfounded allegations regarding your head coach; and now parting ways with the guy who hired that coach, which has garnered public ridicule of the institution itself – warranted or not, that’s a lot of eggs to the face.

The story of AD Allen Greene’s departure gained some national attention when former Notre Dame AD Kevin White, who once employed Greene, chimed in alleging Auburn’s culture to be the culprit. Auburn Live’s Ellie Oldham wrote about HC Bryan Harsin’s comments about Greene and it elicited responses from both Greene’s supporters and detractors:

On a lower scale, the announcement of TJ Finley as starting QB has provided some Tiger faithful with yet another fumbled situation to complain about while the sunshine pumpers have an opportunity to declare their undying hope.

There’s an involved discussion about how the news came out and some interesting theories are being discussed:

Another thread discusses how Finley may or may not succeed, thereby defining the yin and yang of the Auburn football fan’s experience:

Some seem able to roll with it all though:

Auburn fans are an historically suffering fan base. When there are occasional expectations of success, the Tigers flounder almost reflexively and their best seasons come from out of nowhere. I’ve been conditioned to them winning when they’ve been disregarded. And there’s an “us against the world” vibe I’m starting to pick up given this year’s projections which worked for them in 2010. Like a villain at the end of a horror movie, you never count them out until you’re sure they’re dead. That being said, 5-7 and warm up the check-writing hand.

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