The Oklahoma Sooners are the new Texas Longhorns

The Oklahoma Sooners are the villain we all thought the Texas Longhorns were.

Of the two power teams in the Big XII conference, Oklahoma is often looked at as the modest and more down-to-earth option. For example, when it was announced that both Oklahoma and Texas would be departing the conference for the SEC, Texas Longhorn fans seemed to get the majority of the hate from the outside.

Texas is the catalyst to conference realignment

Is Texas really at fault for leaving a conference that hasn’t produced a single College Football Playoff win? Colorado and Mizzou, who were somehow omitted from this post, as well as Nebraska and Texas A&M left the conference a decade ago. They don’t have to look too far to see how green the grass is in the SEC.

When TAMU is succeeding because they are in the SEC…

Okay, citing the success of a rival is slightly ‘little brother’ like, but why is Oklahoma getting a pass? Do they have a looser grasp on the conference they’ve dominated over the last decade? By all accounts, the Texas fans above are fairly pragmatic. Do Oklahoma fans have more compelling reasoning for splitting with the Big XII Conference?

I’m tired of the Big XII matchups; we want Ole Miss!

The Big XII has fewer compelling games because of the perceived value of Oklahoma’s opponents. That seems like something that may add fuel to the fire, but maybe there’s something I’m missing.

Texas fans were relatively reserved when talking about their team this year. Do Oklahoma fans think they’ll actually be good in the SEC?

I’m worried about how much OU will have to cheat

Oh boy. Sooner fans are really trying to make everyone, whether they are soon-to-be former or soon-to-be future conference rivals, hate them.

The Oklahoma Sooners seem to be have picked up the negative stereotype virtually all of College Football fans have on the Texas Longhorns – arrogant, abrasive and downright belligerent. But why? Sure, they are the only team in the Big XII Conference to make the College Football Playoff. Their performance in those four games have left room for improvement. What do they expect out of their team this year?

Championship or bust!

You guys never had Tim Tebow, but…oh, they are using an acronym to describe their former coach. At least you guys are over that Lincoln Riley ordeal, right? That said, it’s…not really hurting the premise of this article, Oklahoma Sooner fanbase.

Additionally, aren’t we a little premature to talk about how close to a championship your team is with a guy that hasn’t coached a single game as a head coach? I’d call this a false start, but I don’t want a hundred Sooner fans to yell at me about the improved discipline of the new coach.

This is pretty much what we would expect from the Longhorn faithful. However, we aren’t hearing this type of noise out of Austin. Because, college football world, we were wrong. Texas is not the ‘big bad’ of the Big XII. Not anymore, at least. Big XII Conference, your new villain resides in Norman and while you blame the Longhorns, the real villain is plotting…probably against their ex-coach, who they are totally over. We all know how this ends.

Crash and burn

The Oklahoma Sooners are the villain we all thought the Texas Longhorns were.

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  1. You lost me at “Texas fans were relatively reserved.”

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