CFB August Therapy Session

Welcome college football fans to the new and improved Message Board Geniuses website. Throughout the season, I, Hawkguy Matt, will be going through some of the most inconsolable message board and/or Twitter meltdowns. We’ll call it message board therapy for college football fans.

Today, we will console some of the most unhappy fanbases of the offseason. Let’s check out the message boards.


DonnieDarko07, I understand your apprehension. Nebraska has been amongst the most talented Big Ten West teams for the past five years, but it hasn’t shown up in the Huskers’ final record. This, of course, culminated in a record that seems like an unmitigated disaster, but conflictingly, a team that played incredibly competitively for 12 games. Look, I know it’s weird for a Husker fan to take advice from a Hawkeye, but be patient. The transfer portal could be what provides Nebraska that Michigan State type of turnaround.


Sfulk, we’ve all been dumped before. We know how Oklahoma fans feel right now. Bob Stoops presumably steps down so Lincoln Riley could take the keys to the kingdom and drive Sooner Nation to the promised land. But he went out to grab cigarettes in Southern California and he never came home.

It’s over now. So, enjoy the good times, like that 2017 season where your team took a College Football Playoff matchup to double overtime, instead of it being essentially over at the half. We were all rooting for you then! But it’s time to move on now. You have a new coach, a new life. And he came from Clemson! Move forward, not backwards. Oklahoma will be fine.


Paws14, you’re still Clemson, and I mean that in the positive ‘post-2015’ way. For those that don’t remember, “Clemsoning” used to be a pejorative for choking in big games. Clemson has gotten past that and become the best program in the College Football Playoff era outside of Alabama. As I type this article, Clemson has the 4th best incoming class in 2023. It doesn’t sound like NIL is slowing y’all down. Also, if the struggles of your program is outlined by checks notes a 10-win season, I think you are just being paranoid. Seriously, there are programs that have never won 10 games in a season, and that’s your struggle year? What’s next? Alabama fans complaining?


Bambamman13, I, too, remember when Alabama fans had something to look forward to.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading and for your board messages. Remember to reach out via my Twitter handle @Hawkguymatt with any message board therapy requests!

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