Top 25 Message Board Posts from the Month of July

25. Brent Venables is going to fail because he talks too much.

24. This Georgia fan may need his fan card revoked.

23. This Notre Dame fan is a strong negotiator.

22. Lance Leipold is the second best coach in the country.

21.Nebraska fan is up set with the frequency at which Scott Frost plays golf.

20. Tennessee fan wants a newer, hipper version of Rocky Top.

19. South Carolina fan can’t believe that the Gamecocks have fallen below those hillbillies in Knoxville.

18. This Michigan State fan LOVES America.

17. Temple fan proposes selling the University to Amazon.

16. Pass the Vaseline! The NCAA is going to hammer Tennessee.

15. Pitt fan proposes that the ACC add Howard.

14. Miami fan doesn’t think he can fit in with SEC fans.

13. Kirby Smart = Will Muschamp.

12. Alabama sent Jeremy Pruitt to destroy the Tennessee program.

11. This dirty old man wants to know what the hot girls at NC State will be wearing on game days.

10. Pitt fan wants the Panthers to replace Penn State in the B1G.

9. Is Tim Tebow illiterate?

8. It’s time to bring down Big Football!

7. This Florida fan loves himself some Billy.

6. Notre Dame finally gave in to moral corruption with their jersey reveal video.

5. Nick Saban and Texas are working together to bring down Texas A&M.

4. The NCAA is just like your mother in law.

3. This Missouri fan penned a totally not creepy letter to a recruit.

2. You can go ahead and blame high gas prices on the loss of the fullback.

1. Elon Musk can save Rutgers football!

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