Top 25 Posts from the Month of May:


25. Clemson plays by the “right or good book,” but that may not be enough in today’s world.

24. Texas fans started a petition to change the kickoff time for their game against Alabama.

23. The Kentucky Derby was rigged!

22. Notre Dame is going to get beat by Ohio State, this Notre Dame fan is just worried about their players and fans getting hurt.

21. Baseball is a sport for failed cricketeers.

20. This Texas A&M fan got very excited watching Jimbo stand up to Nick Saban.

19. LSU fan wonders if just maybe players have been getting paid all along.

18. This thread title is……well…..something.

17. We’ve got a crop duster

16. Miami fan believes NIL is going to be bad for the SEC.

15. South Carolina fan wants to cheat smarter.

14. Mike Norvell is the perfect mixture of Bobby Bowden, Jimbo Fisher, and Nick Saban.

13. Pitt fans went through some stuff.

12. There is no way Arch Manning doesn’t become a Longhorn after he reads this.

11. Clemson fan gets deep into the weeds on the tax implications of NIL money.

10. Alabama fan thinks Georgia’s title should come with an asterisk.

9. You all are really going to hate Texas A&M when they win 3 of the next 4 National Championships.

8. NC State fan wants to implement a new strategy of trying to win every game.

7. Apparently it is commonplace for grown men to poop their pants. Especially while golfing.

6. LSU fan concocts a genius new offensive strategy.

5. Texas A&M funds terrorism.

4. Everyone but Texas cheats.

3. Within the next five years the military academies will dominate CFB as a result of conscription.

2. Oops. Wrong link.

1. Satan is coming for Dabo, Clemson, and college sports.

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